Tips for your Summer Style

Summer is finally coming! So it’s time to figure out your look for those days at the beach and park.

This year’s colours and styles feature vibrant hues of sweeping colours in block prints or abstract images. These are mainly on feminine long tops, maxi-to-midi dresses, pants and skirts. Amongst the refreshing whites, these blasts of colour brighten up each day.

One way to emphasize your favourite azure blue or brilliant orange is to throw on a single-coloured AfriBeads necklace. It can pull the outfit together and fits perfectly into the breezy bohemian style which is taking over at the moment.


If you’re more of a multi-coloured person AfriBeads are essential for drawing in those aromatic colours found on your printed pants. Each item can seem a little isolated with a single block of colour on top, and prints below. However, wearing a long multi-coloured necklace with similar colours can easily complete and add flair to your outfit.


Pure Pod - Summer2011/12 - Luxury Eco Collection


Finally, this year we’ve seen big bold jewellery flourishing. If you want to make a statement it doesn’t have to be in an ornate dress, but a simple black or white outfit can be brought to life with a brilliant and daring necklace. AfriBeads’ Jinja-dropKampala, Matoke,  and chunky necklaces all fit perfectly into this category. Just make sure you have the right slim bracelet and earrings (and maybe some coloured heels) to complement it. Then you’ll have perfected this season’s attire.