Our Vision

AfriBeads Mission

  • To offer beautiful Ugandan products to markets in other countries, while partnering with communities in Uganda to give people self sufficiency, the independence to care for their families and the opportunity to make their own decisions about their future

AfriBeads Vision

  • To be a socially proactive business, providing trade links to improve the lives of the Ugandan people
  • To encourage our Ugandan partners to speak for themselves and make their own decisions
  • To achieve a regular and living wage for the Ugandan producers
  • To help the producers, their families and the local community in other areas such as health and education
  • Operate using Fair Trade principles
  • Develop long term relationships based on trust and mutual respect with the Ugandan people, respecting their cultural identity

Our Values

  • Deal with all aspects of business with the highest ethical standards and Christian principles
  • Provide a high standard of service and business practice to customers, suppliers and business associates
  • Reduce our impact on the environment in our business practices and support sustainable production

The Kind Mothers Project Vision (as developed by Lorna, the project coordinator)

  • Facilitate every child of the Kind Mothers’ Project to go to school
  • Raise the children to be job creators
  • Develop the children into responsible adults
  • Provide training and skills to the members of the project
  • Establish a weatherproof and secure meeting place for the Kind Mothers’ Project
  • Establish the Kind Mothers’ Project as a Non Government Organization
  • Complete the medical centre and staff it with a doctor and nurse
  • Establish a Kind Mothers’ Project school
  • Provide housing for the Kind Mothers’ Project members and families